‘It’s a very strange time’: Nike and Adidas unveil ‘shark’ sportswears, a range of minimalist swimwear for women

Nike is pushing the boundaries of its sportswearing offerings by making a range for women.

The brand unveiled the ‘Shark’ range of shorts and sportswatches at the IFA fashion show in Berlin.

It was designed to be lightweight and sleek, and has a range from “light” to “midweight”.

“We are trying to create a whole new way of thinking about women’s clothing, and how they look,” the brand’s chief creative officer, Ben Frosch, told Business Insider.

“It’s not about the size.

It’s about the shape.

We want to make women’s clothes more attractive to them.

I think it’s a really interesting way to approach it, and it’s an interesting idea for women.”

The range includes the “shark” sportswatch, which has a lightweight design and has been designed with a shark in the centre of the chest, and the “mid-weight” version, which is “very slim”.

It has a slimline design, which Frosst said “looks amazing”.

The shark sportsswatch is made from “100% organic cotton, and features a soft touch, micro-fine, and a high-quality print”, while the mid-weight version is made out of “100 % polyester and 100% nylon, with a low-impact fabric that feels like cotton but feels more like nylon”.

“It is not about making the clothes more comfortable,” Fross said.

“What we’re trying to do is create something that’s lightweight, comfortable, and not too bulky.

It is not a fashion statement.”

The company says the Shark is designed to fit “any body shape” and has an elastic waistband, “which allows the shorts to feel as natural as possible, without having to stretch,” and a built-in gel pocket for your phone.

The range comes with “up to 20 pieces of clothing” and “up-to-date style”, which is designed “to offer your style a personalized touch, so you can stay current with the latest trends.”

The shark shorts are available in three colors: black, black and white, and also includes the shark-themed tee and an “enhanced” version.

“Shark shorts are the perfect balance of style and function,” the company said.

The shark is “designed to be a fun, stylish addition to your wardrobe,” according to the product description.

It comes in a range that includes “black, grey, orange, green, red, yellow, white, black, grey and black-striped versions”, which Fosch said were “very high quality and very durable”.

Fros told Business Ink that the company was also working on a range in “high-end” colors.

“We’re going to be making a number of other products in the coming months,” he said.

Fros also told BusinessInsider that “the company is also looking at making a ‘sharksuit’ version” of the shark, and “a line of accessories”.

“The Shark is going to change the way you look in everyday clothes, and that’s going to make you feel amazing,” he added.

The Shark is currently available in sizes S-XL.

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