Why the U.S. needs to embrace women in sports


Yet they have only recently become the major competitors for the most lucrative sport in the world.

That is a fact that many of us know very well.

There is a clear pattern emerging in women’s sports today, and it is one that will only continue to grow as we reach a point where we are all the way in the gender pay gap.

In the United States, the gender wage gap for women is now larger than the gender gap for men.

In addition, women’s participation in the most popular sports in the country is growing, and they are increasingly the leading athletes in the workforce.

It is time for us to break down the barriers that keep women from reaching their full potential as athletes, coaches, and performers.

As the U-S.

Supreme Court recently stated, the United State “should be a place of opportunity for every woman who wishes to participate in sport.”

The United States has a large and growing female-athlete pool, and we need to continue to encourage more women to take up sports.

Women’s sports are one of the most important arenas for young women, and there is a need to develop a strong women’s program.

Women are more likely to take part in sport because of their gender, and their participation contributes to the overall health and well-being of their community.

We also need to create opportunities for more women in the workplace.

In the past, a large percentage of women had to earn extra money to take care of their families.

However, we must not allow these barriers to continue, because these barriers only compound the inequality that exists in society.

This article originally appeared on www.women-sports.com.

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