How to shop for sports and fashion for your baby

It can be hard to shop in a store and find the right pair of shoes or socks for your new baby.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help.


Choose a store you like 2.

Get to know the staff 3.

Pick the right store in the mall 4.

Look at the prices and choose the right size 5.

Look for the best shoes and socks 6.

Shop in person, not online 7.

Buy a baby clothes and accessories from a store that has baby items that are available in your size (like maternity clothes and umbrellas) 8.

Use the baby clothes section to pick out the best clothes for your little one to wear to the pool, gym, or other activities during the day 9.

Use a store’s Baby section to shop baby gear 10.

Pick a name that matches your baby name 11.

Check to see if your baby’s first name or middle name is already on the baby gear list 12.

If not, try changing your name or adding another name to the list 13.

Shop baby apparel 14.

Pick out baby shoes, socks, and other baby items 15.

Use BabyGear to find baby supplies and supplies to bring home for your newborn 16.

If you want a baby carrier, use the Baby carrier section to find a variety of baby carriers to fit your baby 17.

Buy baby clothing and accessories for your family 18.

Use baby supplies section to look for baby products to help you with baby needs 19.

If the baby you have is a girl, wear a skirt or dress that matches her baby name (like baby pants) 20.

When you’re shopping for baby essentials, look for things like baby formula, wipes, wipes cloths, baby wipes, baby tees, and baby wipes (like a baby towel) 21.

Look out for baby books, toys, and books for baby (like newborn nursery books, toddler nursery books and books on baby care and play) 22.

Look to see baby bedding options and crib liners for baby sleep 23.

Check for free shipping on baby clothes, crib linings, and blankets 24.

Look up baby toys and books, and choose what baby you want to play with.


Look through BabyGear’s BabyGear section to browse baby accessories, including crib linens, crib covers, crib mats, crib cushions, crib blankets, crib comforters, crib shoes, crib socks, crib sheets, crib bath toys, crib pillows, crib crib bed covers, baby clothes diapers, crib pads, crib bedding, crib toys, baby shower curtain, crib washcloth, crib baby wipes and baby shower accessories.


Look online for baby clothing or baby supplies, including baby clothing, crib mattresses, crib beds, crib nightstands, crib strollers, crib books, crib towels, crib mattress mats, and crib blankets 27.

Check out BabyGear baby products section to see new products for baby, baby clothing products, baby toys, or baby accessories.


Take your baby to a child’s sports event or a family event like a baby shower, baby swimming, baby beach party, or a baby dance.


Visit a nursery, playtime center, or nursery store that sells baby toys or baby equipment 30.

Use ChildCare for baby care products.


Visit an infant feeding station or pediatrician to get your baby formula.


Visit your local health department or your local hospital to get pediatric blood tests and vaccines 33.

Get your child vaccinated for measles and other preventable diseases.


Buy your own baby clothing.


Get rid of old baby clothes you don’t like and buy new ones.


Use your own washcloths to get rid of baby clothes that are stained or stained too much or have been stained with germs.


Buy diapers.


Buy socks.


Buy diaper bags.


Buy newborn crib linins and baby washclothes for babies who need crib linners 41.

Buy crib towels.


Buy washcloths.


Buy infant crib mattress mats.


Buy blanket.


Shop for baby toys for toddlers and babies.


Shop online for clothes for newborn nursery clothes, toddler crib clothes, and toddler bedding.


Look into new baby products and accessories.


Look around for online baby supplies like crib toys and crib mats.


Go shopping for the most cute baby outfits.


UseBabyGear to shop online for crib toys or crib mats for newborn babies.


Go to the mall for a shopping trip.


Shop around for baby apparel and baby gear.


Visit the pediatrician.


Go through your medical history to find out if you have any health problems.


Take care of yourself.

If your baby is allergic to anything, wear an allergy mask and avoid contact with the eyes and mouth. If

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