How to buy a Nike jumper

New Zealand’s first Nike jumper is about to get its own home page in the New Zealand Herald, and that means there’s a chance we’ll be able to get a first look at what it’s all about.

Nike is set to introduce a new sportswearing jacket in New Zealand, according to a source close to the project.

The New Zealand Times reports that Nike will debut a new “bombsight” sportswears, with a logo and colours that resemble those of the company’s original bomber jacket.

In addition, the jumper will feature a “Nike-style” “bubblesight” design.

We’re not yet sure if this is the same jumper as the one worn by Tom Daley during his legendary ’93 Sydney Marathon, but it does sound like the jumper has more in common with the original Nike bomber jacket than the current-day version.

If this is indeed the bomber jacket, we can expect it to feature a red, white and blue colour scheme, as well as an extra button on the side, to allow for an easy on-the-run.

A “bubble-studded” material has been added to the jacket to make it waterproof, and it will come in three different sizes.

This new jumper is set for a launch on September 25, and will be available in two different colours: red and white.

The price will be $129.99, which is a steep discount compared to the current price of $149.99.

For more on the New Zealander’s Olympic medal, read our feature on the Nike bomber jumper, and watch the video above to see the jumper in action.

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