When you can wear your Nike sportswears at your workplace?

Sports fans are starting to realize that they can’t just go out and wear their Nike sports apparel in public.

There are certain rules and restrictions that are put in place by the league and its members to ensure that everyone is treated the same.

Here are a few that you should keep in mind.1.

No hats or shorts are allowed in your office.2.

No signs or banners or any other type of advertising are allowed.3.

No people are allowed to stand outside the conference room.4.

No phones, cameras or video cameras are allowed outside of the conference rooms.5.

No cameras or computers are allowed inside the conference halls.6.

No audio and video devices are allowed within the conference offices.7.

No video cameras or tablets are allowed on the conference floor.8.

No electronic devices are permitted in the conference office.9.

No photography is allowed in the office.10.

No computers are permitted within the office, except to be used in the meeting room.11.

No glass is allowed to be visible.12.

No music is allowed inside.13.

No noise is allowed outside.14.

No television is allowed within a five-mile radius of the office and within one-mile of a meeting room and conference rooms within a conference.15.

No outdoor music is permitted within a ten-mile range of the offices.16.

No loud noises are permitted at any time of the day or night.17.

No smoking is permitted in any part of the building.18.

No personal items are allowed into the office or outside of it.19.

No alcohol or drugs are allowed by anyone inside the building except for staff members.20.

No dogs or other pets are allowed at the office in any manner.21.

No children are allowed out at the offices unless accompanied by an adult employee.22.

No staff members may be in the same room as anyone other than their assigned work group.23.

No other employees or interns are allowed access to the conference areas, including conference rooms, meeting rooms and conference room suites.24.

No employees are allowed anywhere near the conference or conference room rooms unless authorized by an authorized person.25.

No individuals are allowed near the meeting rooms, conference rooms or conference rooms suites.26.

No one is allowed onto the conference floors except in the most private areas.27.

No media is allowed at any meeting or conference.28.

No visitors may leave the conference grounds without being accompanied by a designated person.29.

No food or beverages are allowed beyond the designated areas, or in the designated area only, on the days when the conference is held.30.

No items are permitted into the meeting area or conference areas unless specifically authorized by the team or individual that is hosting the meeting.31.

No fans are allowed onto any team’s locker rooms or teams locker rooms.32.

No clothing is allowed into locker rooms except for official team apparel.33.

No team member may enter or leave the locker room or teams’ locker rooms unless they have a valid credential.34.

No person may wear a mask, face mask or other type head covering to the meeting or office areas unless they are wearing an official team or organization gear.35.

No headphones or earphones are allowed except for authorized personnel in designated areas.36.

No public displays of anger, violence, threats or other inappropriate behavior are allowed or tolerated.37.

No use of derogatory language or phrases or images or signs, or physical altercations, are permitted.38.

No excessive or threatening behavior is permitted.39.

No disruptive actions are permitted and must be reported to an appropriate member of the league office.40.

The commissioner of each league is responsible for ensuring that league rules and regulations are followed and enforced.

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