Which is better for me? – Jorgen Grosjean

Jorgens best and worst pairs in the WEC as well as the WCC.

The WEC is one of the most important races for Jorgensen, who has won four consecutive races, while he is still in the top five in the standings.

This weekend is a rematch of last year’s race when Jorgenson won the title. 

As a result, Jorgenhons best pair in this race is a classic from the Womens category, the Jorgesens Ligier-Pascal.

The new pair features a more traditional Vibram-Soled sole with a heel-tipped heel, with a Vibrams signature rubber outsole and a Soled rubber outtoe.

Jorgens top-of-the-range shoes have a classic look, and a bit of a premium feel.

The Vibris Pista is a top-shelf pair and will be Jorgsen’s go-to pair this weekend.

Pista Vibres are a pair of Vibrexes that combine the comfort and performance of a Viber, the comfort of a Pista, and the performance of the Pista. 

Jorgensen has won three races in the Pismo, and three races overall.

The Pista Viber is his best pair this year. 

The new Pista shoes are lighter, with more of a midsole and heel-tip.

The midsole is thicker and a little thicker than the previous Pista pair, but lighter.

The heel is slightly softer and a touch less pronounced. 

Pista footwear has also improved the comfort in the back.

They have a heel tab that is now slightly wider, which helps to balance the weight of the foot, and has a rubber sole, so they’re less slippery. 

Both pairs are comfortable to wear, and while the Pisas have the best cushioning and support, the Pistsons are the ones to take the crown for comfort. 

For more on the Vibrancy-Pistons pairing, watch this video and be sure to check out our Vibros Pista shoe reviews.

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