Why you should shop the brand new Puma sneakers

The Puma team is proud to announce a new collection featuring the brand’s signature bomber, the Boost Baller.

The brand’s latest bomber kicks are designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, with an ultra-flexible design that allows for optimal movement.

In the video above, you can see the team’s latest bombers, as well as the Puma Boost Ballers we’ve been wearing at Puma HQ.

“This is the perfect bomber for the athlete looking to hit the gym,” said Puma VP of Brand Development and Marketing, Joe Cappolo.

“The Boost Ballert is designed to allow the athlete to keep the momentum going while adding a bit of a twist.”

In the new collection, the team has also added a few new pieces to the Boosts line, including a pair of white sneakers with a Puma logo.

The Boost Ballero is available now through Puma’s online store, while the Boostballer will be available for pre-order at Pumas online store beginning August 10th.

In addition to the new Boost Ballera, the Pumases latest bomber has been inspired by the classic 1970s-era sneakers that inspired the brand.

“In the mid-1970s, the classic Puma bomber was introduced, which is an iconic silhouette that is still used in the Pramas everyday wear,” said Cappalo.

“It was a classic and timeless silhouette that was the perfect blend of style and functionality.”

For more information about the Boost Balls upcoming line, visit the Pima team’s website at www.puma.com/boost.

“Puma is proud of our heritage and the way we have crafted the shoes, but the new Bomber collection is the pinnacle of our commitment to innovation and creativity,” said Tom Moore, Puma Brand Manager.

“These new sneakers bring an entirely new level of comfort and performance to the lifestyle.

They also give the athlete a great workout with their daily commute.”

To learn more about the upcoming Boost Balleros, visit www.fantasysports.com.

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