How to buy Nike’s new black sportswears

Nike has launched its new black, premium, range of high-performance sports sneakers in the UK and Ireland.

The sneakers are priced at £1,000 and are available in a range of colour combinations and materials.

The range is the latest instalment of the popular sportswatches series, which have seen Nike release several pairs of Nike Air Zoom sneakers.

The Nike Black N7 will feature a black upper with black leather accents, which is the sole colour of the sneakers.

The black suede upper has a matte grey suede tongue and heel.

The sneaker features a pair of white outsole panels, and a black heel tab.

The shoes are available from Nike at the following retailers:Ace, Boots, BN, Boots & Co, Black Rock, Buds, Bupa, Capita, Colgate, Coaches, Coles, CVS, Crown, Dollar, Dunhill, eBay, eBay Supermarket, Footlocker, Gap, H&M, Hanes, HMV, HMVS, Johnson &amp ; Johnson, Kmart, Kohl’s, La Sportiva, Macys, Men’s Wearhouse, M&amp ; Mums, Office Max, Neiman Marcus, Outback, Primark, Primoz, Petco, Reebok, Saks Fifth Avenue, Soma, Target, TJ Maxx, Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret, Walgreens, Walmart and Williams.

For more news, visit our Nike News hub.

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