How to save on maternity clothes for women

RTE 1 You can save up to 60% on maternity gear and accessories when you spend $1,000 on any item on

To find out more, head to What’s this offer?

The deal is valid for all products sold online at RTE, RTE Merchandising and the RTE Women’s Sportswear brand, with the following exceptions: products sold at RTV outlets, on sale in RTE stores, and on RTV’s online store.

For more information, go to www and search for maternity.3 What’s the limit?

The RTE Menswear, Women’s & Bodies and Children’s Sportwear promotions are limited to one purchase per household per calendar year.4 What’s included?

All the items are priced at $1.99, which is a savings of up to 30%.5 Can I combine my RTE coupons with a loyalty program?

Yes, you can.

When you combine a RTE coupon with a qualifying RTE product, you’ll receive a credit for the Rte price and a percentage off RTE’s current price, if applicable.6 How much do I save?

You’ll get an annual savings of $150 per item.7 How long do I have to open an RTE loyalty account?

All you have to do is visit the RTV Online Store and complete the online application.8 How can I check my savings?

The savings will be displayed in your account.

You can check your savings here.

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