Nike unveils “Vintage” sweatshirts for the Washington Wizards

Nike unveiled two new collection items Thursday in preparation for the Wizards game at the Staples Center on Sunday.

The first collection, “Virtually Vintage,” will be released in the “Vesti” colors.

The second collection, called “Voltron,” will debut in a “Viking” colorway.

“We’re excited to bring this iconic collection to fans,” said Mike Buss, vice president of Nike Sportswear USA.

“We’ve seen a huge demand for this iconic look and feel from fans of all ages across the globe.”

The new Vesti and Voltron collections are both based on classic silhouettes that have become popular since Nike launched them in 2016.

Both sets of shirts feature the iconic “V” logo emblazoned across the chest and a white “V.”

Nike’s Vintage line features classic silhouets in “Velvet” and “Vampire” colorways.

The new “Vice” collection features an updated version of Nike’s iconic “Boomerang” collection, featuring the iconic silhouette of a man and a woman.

The brand says it wanted to bring back this look for a number of reasons.

“One of the things that was important for us was to get back to the roots of what this style represents, which is sports and the game of basketball,” Buss said.

“In this case, it’s the old-school style of the ’90s, where we used to have all these great, high-top sneakers and they weren’t quite the high-tops of today.”

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