What to know about Nike’s new footwear line

Nike is set to introduce a new line of sports shoes, the Nike Sportswear Heritage Collection, to its existing heritage collection.

The brand said the collection will be available from August 2019 and will include a range of shoes inspired by the sportswears and history of the city, which it says has inspired generations of Indian sportsmen.

“As the birthplace of modern Indian sports, India is home to a rich heritage of athletes and athletes culture, heritage of sports, and a rich history of athletes from across the globe,” the company said in a statement.

The Heritage Collection will be a collection of iconic sportswares, ranging from the likes of the Nike Air Max to the Nike Speed 8.

Its collection will also include footwear inspired by ancient sporting cultures such as the Karakoram, the Indus, and the Dravidian, and will offer a wide range of styles and materials.

The shoes are designed by footwear designer and Nike fashion director Anupam Shrivastava.

The company said that the collection has been inspired by sports and culture, with its signature pieces featuring traditional Indian designs, such as traditional mules, petticoats and traditional garments, including traditional footwear and sportswatches.

The collection will include footwear that is inspired by both Indian and global sporting traditions, including Indian cricket, traditional Indian games, Indian traditional music and traditional music from the world of music.

The line, the brand said, will also offer a range that will be able to capture the cultural heritage of the region in a way that will make it more accessible to the global sports market.

The heritage collection, it said, has been designed to reflect the vibrant cultural and sporting culture of the country and its people, and to reflect a wide spectrum of sports.

It will feature footwear from across global sporting disciplines and brands, including Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Reuben, Reel and Reeboks, and its collection will feature innovative footwear that reflects these.

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