Nike unveils the first new logo in the company’s history | The Washington Times

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES The world’s biggest shoe brand is unveiling the first of its own brand-new logos in a bid to reclaim its status as a trusted brand for its athletic shoes.

The company, which has long been accused of stoking consumer anxiety and consumer fatigue, said on Thursday that it will unveil a new logo featuring a gold bear, as it attempts to revitalize its image.

“We’re bringing our best brand to the world and bringing the best sports apparel and accessories to our customers,” said Paul Polite, chief executive of Nike, in a statement.

The new logo, which is the first to feature a gold animal, will be displayed alongside the company brand on a range of footwear, including the sneakers and shorts that were introduced by Adidas earlier this year.

The logo, unveiled on a giant screen on the company headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., was designed by a group of top-level designers from the Nike, Adidas and Nike+ creative teams.

“This logo is a symbol for Nike, an icon of the brand and an expression of our passion and commitment to quality, comfort and durability,” said Polite.

“Nike is redefining sports, and we’re thrilled to take it on.”

The company has spent decades in search of a new image.

It began as a company that aimed to bring people together by creating products that they could buy together.

Its early logos were mostly plain and plain-looking.

In the 1990s, however, Nike began experimenting with more elaborate logos.

It had its first logo, a dog, on the shoe line, for example, and its logo changed in 2013, when the company unveiled a black, white and red version.

The new logo is meant to represent a new way of thinking about Nike and its mission.

The decision to redesign the logo is part of a broader effort to re-engage consumers and boost the brand’s image.

Nike has said it is committed to the concept of “The Brand” and wants to be seen as an equal partner with its peers.

“Our brand identity has always been about what we are: a brand, not a brand,” Polite said.

“We are focused on creating the best, most authentic, authentic sports apparel, and the brand is a core part of that.

We’re very excited to take the next step in that direction.”

The new Nike logo features a gold dog with an arrow pointing upward.

It is a stylized version of the company logo with a yellow arrow.

It also has the words Nike+ and the Nike logo in small white letters.

The word Nike+ has also been replaced with a smaller letter.

It was originally announced in late 2016, and has been used on the shoes of top athletes such as Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, and tennis player Serena Williams.

The logo is expected to be unveiled later this month.

In its statement, the company said it “reaffirms its commitment to creating the ultimate sports apparel experience for everyone.”

“It is a dream come true to create the Nike+ brand,” said Michael De Luca, Nike’s vice president of design and marketing.

“For us, it is an opportunity to connect with our fans and provide them with a brand that will help them connect with the brands that matter most.”

Nike has already unveiled its logo for a pair of running shoes, and a brand-themed line of apparel.

The company’s logo will appear on the Nike+.

and Nike+.

Ultra Boost, its athletic running shoe, will also have a gold logo.

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