NHL’s new logo is awesome, says Healy

Sportswear company Healy has introduced a new logo that is designed to evoke a certain type of energy in players.

It’s a “sportswear that reminds us of our roots and what it means to be American,” said Healy CEO James Dickson.

“It is a jersey that has the same timeless feel that the sportswears of generations past have.

A logo that’s synonymous with sportswearing.

It’s a great thing.”

Healy, the nation’s largest outdoor sports apparel company, is launching the new jersey, which features the word “Sports” in bold black lettering.

It also features a black helmet and “Sports Illustrated” emblazoned on the back.

The logo is not only a nod to the old-school style, but also to the NHL’s roots.

In the late 1990s, Healy’s owner and chief creative officer, Mark Healy, said he wanted a sports jersey that was “inspired by the past and current.”

“We wanted to be authentic,” Healy said.

“It was a way to make a statement and be proud of our heritage.”

Healy started with black and white and eventually came up with the colors of the jerseys.

He says the new logo was inspired by a “big-picture look” for the brand.

At the time, Healey said it was “an attempt to reconnect with the heritage of our sportswomen, which is to wear sports gear that celebrates our country.”

The new jersey will be available to fans beginning on March 11.

To get your hands on a Healy jersey, visit the company’s website.

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