Why are Nike and Adidas buying the UFC?

In February, Adidas announced its intent to buy the UFC for $4 billion.

The deal, if approved, would bring Nike to the UFC’s brand.

But Nike has also been an investor in MMA’s biggest fighters.

Its ownership of the UFC was first reported by ESPN, which is a source for this story.

Nike has been in the sport since 1996, and its ownership of UFC fighters has been confirmed by multiple sources.

Nike’s ownership has been documented in various ways.

The UFC’s fighters include some of the sport’s biggest stars, including UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, UFC lightweight champion Robbie Lawler and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Nike, which has more than 30 brands in the UFC, is known for its apparel and footwear brands.

The company owns apparel brands for every UFC fighter.

Nike currently owns 10 percent of the company, according to an ESPN report, and that number could increase.

The ESPN report was corroborated by the New York Post, which reported that the UFC has a $1.2 billion market cap.

Nike would own a smaller stake in the company than the Post reported.

The Post reported that Nike’s stake in UFC was less than $1 million.

Nike declined to comment to ESPN.

In February 2017, ESPN reported that a Nike spokesperson told the company that “we’ve been a part of the growth of the business for over 20 years, but that we’re not currently a part.”

Nike has yet to comment on this story, according the report.

Nike is also one of the biggest sponsors of the MMA promotion.

Nike also has an exclusive deal with the UFC.

Nike partnered with the promotion for a number of years, first partnering with the brand on a jersey in 2010 and later, with the sponsorship of the first UFC bout in 2011.

In 2012, Nike’s sponsorship of MMA expanded to include the UFC and the company started offering a new UFC jersey every year.

Nike and the UFC have a long history.

In 2017, UFC fighters participated in an event called UFC Fight Night 35.

The event featured the first two UFC heavyweight titles in UFC history, Mark Hunt and Demetrious Johnson, as well as UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

The first UFC fighter to earn a title shot was Anderson Silva, who won a split decision against Johny Hendricks.

UFC fighters compete in the Nike Air Max 350 Air Max, the first Nike AirMax to be worn by UFC fighters.

The Air Max is the Nike-designed lightweight apparel, with a lightweight upper and a midweight fabric.

The brand’s athletes compete in UFC’s Air Max 35 event every year on June 9.

Nike began sponsoring the UFC in 2010.

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